launch its new products during E3.We believe the Xbox One Two is a codename for Microsoft’s Xbox One Slim as it seems  way more likely the company would launch a smaller version of its current-gen console than launching an NBA 2K MT  outright new console in the middle of this generation.One area that seems the most interesting is the weight of what we believe to be the Xbox One Slim 

         which according to the leaked document, claims it’s between 600 ~ 800g, which means it’ll weigh less than 2lbs. Considering the current Xbox One weighs a little over 7lbs, this would be a  huge improvement, although we admit we could be Buy NBA 2K MT  completely wrong about this and this could either end up being the weight of one of its components or the weight difference between it and the old console.We should also note the expected capacity of the production of the Xbox One Slim appears to be 400,000 units per week

         which means 1.2 million units could be available in a month. If Microsoft  does  plan on announcing and releasing the Xbox One Slim during E3 2016, it could have nearly 5 million units ready to be sold considering the document says it started mass  production in February.We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment and will update this story accordingly.

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