Tricks to Make Use of Happy Hour During TOTY

If you want to go on a Ultimate Team pack-opening spree, Happy Hour is the optimal time to be splurging on packs.

Happy Hour is a one hour block of time where EA Sports increases the chances of finding an IF player. Happy Hour is usually announced via the weekly FIFA 15 Ultimate podcast and the EA Sports account.

Happy Hour is usually 4PM GMT on a Saturday, coinciding with the peak period for the week. Sometimes, EA Sports will announce a second Happy Hour for 4PM EST, the peak time for US-based players.

During a Happy Hour, there is an even higher volume of packs being opened than a regular 4PM. This pushes the prices of cards on the market down and is one of the best times to purchase players (and thus one of the worst times to sell players).

Remember to check Twitter to see if Happy Hour has been announced during the TOTY release!

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