There is a mass production possibility in the mid-engine 911

From the Porsche release of the engine in the 911 RSR day, I have a strong premonition: the commercial version of 911 in the future will certainly be launched in the engine version. Last year, in the "next generation 911 fully switch to MR drive layout? Porsche 911 RSR new racing caused by the reverie "in the article, when I made a too optimistic forecast, that Porsche will be in the entire 911 car to use MR layout.
And after careful thought, Porsche to "rich level 911 iron powder" who continue to extract money, 911 high-end models must be more selling points, and further opened with the 911 ordinary model distance. So Porsche to 911 who cast MR strategy, the best choice than GT3 RS and GT2 such premium premium models. 992 will be able to see MR 911 fit bmw 5 series rear suspension air bag? Perhaps wait until 992.2 Caixing.
Short-term there will not be in the engine version of the 911 this plan, the medium term is possible. "Walliser has confirmed that many customers have told Porsche, if the launch of the engine in the 911 they will buy. This kind of car Porsche can easily be made, and stability is not a problem.
In the home of the 911 RSR racing in the first play, it won the Daytona 24-hour endurance runner-up fit bmw e61 rear suspension air bag, the performance strength is clearly visible. For the street car, the two seats did not affect the big, originally 911 has been considered a two-seater sports car. From the GT3 road sports car, to the top of the car set 911 RSR, are using that 9,000 to 4.0 of the six naturally aspirated engine. Vehicle engineering design no difficulty, and now has been able to output 500 horsepower, and in fact this engine fit bmw e61 air suspension bag has a lot of development potential. Walliser said he had seen R & D results is close to 620 horsepower, but also self-absorption!

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