The terminator of the Green Army for Butler

After losing two consecutive home games, the Celtics rebounded successfully to win three games, and now has been active in the series. "In the playoffs, when your shot can not fall into the net, you have to find a way to win," Isaiah Thomas said, although he scored 24 points today but only 17 shots (3 in 10 1) feel bad, "tonight we did it."
This round of the series, the Celtics experienced Authentic Tyson Barrie Reebok Jersey a roller coaster, they were 0-2 behind, looks may be the black black miracle of the background, and now the Celtics have hope to Chicago to the end of the series. Celtic people will say that they always believe that they can complete the reversal.
"I mean, our team has always been so, we can overcome the adversity," Bradley said, "no matter what kind of adversity we experienced, we will overcome, I think our team, including our coaching staff Members, we always believe in ourselves, trust each other.
"Before I said, we (in the third and fourth field) to Chicago to play away when we know we will win the game, we do not just want to win, we are sure that they can win, we know ourselves To tie the big scoring, and then back home to defend the home. Now, continue to play in the same way, to Chicago to the end of the series is our work.
"I was doing my best to make trouble for him to make him feel difficult," Bradley said, his audience scored 24 points at both ends of the performance of brave, "As I said, Butler is a good player, I The job is to play against him, try not to foul, forcing him every shot feel hard, at both ends of the offensive and defensive consumption of him, that is, I try to do tonight.
In winning three games, the Celtics did not rely on the attack to win, but by the defense, they played a very good defense. For example, today, the Celtics restricted Jimmy Butler, Butler 15 vote only 6 only 14 points, he got 23 free throws but only one today.

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