Said the soft, say the problem too hard. Excellent, the biggest problem is to destroy the car, and the daily driving is to test the stomach function, destroy the car do not have to introduce excessive vibration caused the interior buckle loose, annoying, changed the car people understand; test stomach function even more to say , Full of rice dare not drive a lot of people in the car. Of course, too hard also on the brake, tires, wheels made a higher match requirements, the daily streets with a 8k or even 12k spring with 30 or 35 flattened tires, must be foolish, Fire pit push set, the general hardcore players, will use a small shock with a small diameter wheels, thick tire wall of the way, of course, how to take into account the gear ratio of the gearbox, the engine's Power Bank And a series of features to choose.
The author of the modified concept and way of thinking is entirely affected by the culture of the car, so the height of the body, the distance from the ground, and the edge of the gap between the leaves of the view is reasonable, and does not affect the daily driving angle, so even Than the original reduced by 50mm, also within the scope of their own aesthetic.
It can be seen, before and after the lower data is perfect, and Eibach nominal "30mm lower" have access, but this is because Eibach this set of sports spring for the European models used, while the Chinese version of the C4 Picasso increased by 20mm.

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