The most typical response of Westbrook's version

MVP competition has always been referred to the player data+team record, take MVP player record will often be discharged Adidas Shawn Kemp Authentic Jersey into the partition before the second, Westbrook led the record is flawed. "I might have chosen Harden," he said. "I might have chosen Harden because he was not much different in value, but I thought you had to reward a better record." So I think Harden has an advantage over Westbrook. "However, we do not agree with Curry, who said in an interview today:" I do not care, no matter what he does not matter, who is he? " As we all know, Westbrook is a very good player, his response to the library also shows his unyielding character, the US media "open air" evaluation, said: "This may be the most typical Westbrook's response.
It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Westbrook because the answer to the question on the library caused controversy, and last year's playoff division final, the fifth game Thunder to 111-120 lost to the Warriors, Less defensive done well, after the game a reporter asked Westbrook: "Curry is not an underestimated defender?
The results Official Russell Westbrook Blue Jersey of Westbrook did not make a small answer, but in a press conference clutching his face laughed, the US media interpretation that this is Westbrook's defensive ability to ridicule.
In addition, last season Curry won the scoring all voted MVP, the offensive efficiency of the historical level of high, but at the time of the Western Conference finals before being asked Curry in the topic, Westbrook also said: A pitcher, and not a player who has not seen it."
But the problem is not their own library, Westbrook, although the total under the H-31.8 points, 10.6 rebounds, 10.3 assists, is expected to become the second in the history of averaging three pairs of players, but his Thunder record, but 38 wins 29 negative. Harden has averaged 28.9 points, 11.3 assists and 8 rebounds per game for the season, and the data is equally impressive. The most important thing is his rocket record of 47 wins and 21 losses in the third place, winning far more than Thunder.

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