Sure, being healthy is Jeremy Lin's first priority

In the game lost to the Mavericks, only played 7 minutes and 24 seconds of Jeremy Lin sadly exit. And a sad reality is put in front of the summer last year after the transfer to the Nets, Jeremy Lin did hit the dream Cubs Cool Base Authentic Jersey of starting position, but this is also his third injury this season.
Hoping to play the main force, and eager to assume the responsibility of the leader, there is such a determination, very good. For the Jeremy Lin, and now his urgent task is to stay healthy, rather than repeated injuries. After all, as the core of the first priority, not "how much data you can cut", but rather "how long can you continue on the pitch."
After the start of the season, the Jeremy Lin performance is good, the first four games, he averaged 16.3 points and 6.8 assists. However, when Jeremy Lin full of confidence, November 3, 2016, in the game with the Pistons, Jeremy Lin injured left foot tendons, missed 17 games for this reason. Finally come back, the Jeremy Lin played seven games and experienced back injury problems, so he missed the 26 games. Now back again, playing 13 games, Jeremy Lin and sprained his ankle. In fact, the Nets for his use has been enough careful, and every game of playing time to keep in less than 30 minutes, usually about 25 minutes The Can only happens this time, bad luck again from heaven.
As the core of the Nets, Jeremy Lin in the performance of health, or is widely recognized. The team inside the core Lopez has praised the Jeremy Lin, "he let us upgrade the two grades." The problem is that if a player can not stay healthy, then even if theoretically powerful, can not play. This season's Jeremy Lin, the trouble encountered, that is, he must always fight with the injury.
How could it hurt? Speaking really embarrassing, Jeremy Lin even after two goals, full of their own, in the face of the body than their small Barea, intends MLB Camo Anthony Rizzo Jersey to use a high degree of strong food. However, the first section of 5 minutes and 10 seconds left, the book of the shot posture is not standard, in the air will be some loss of balance, the results did not step on landing when the tragedy occurred. Book ho right ankle sprain, although after he limped back to defense, but this time the move has been greatly affected, it is clear that can not continue to stick to it. Coach Atkinson see this situation, but also had a long sigh, Jeremy Lin replaced fate!

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