So sunglasses focuses only on style,Choose not be able to ignore the inherent quality.Lens categoryAnti-reflective protective lens,color lens,tinted lenses

This also increases the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the retina,more ultraviolet rays enable input.Therefore,differences in various sunglasses is certainly or to ??.For a particular application environment,appropriate,selection of high-quality sunglasses will provide maximum protection for you.According to international standards,sunglasses,are classified into the category of protection products of the individual's eye.The main function of sunglasses is to block the glare of the sun.However,international standards of sunglasses is subdivided into again "fashion mirror," "general-purpose with a mirror." "Fashion mirror" relatively low quality requirements standard."Fashion mirror" is the main highlight of the wearer focus style and not because it is,it is decorative than protective.Standard for quality requirements and "general-purpose lenses,UV protection,as well as including the index of refraction prism,is more severe.3 category Please use the classificationThe use of sunglasses,sun mirror,can be divided into light-colored sunglasses,and special purpose sunglasses category of.SunglassesSunglassesThe so-called solar mirror is intended to shielding As the name suggests,people usually,the light intensity is dependent on the regulation of the size of the sun of the pupil in order to adjust the magnetic flux exceeding the ability to modulate the human eye to have,it will cause harm to the human eye.

cheap jerseys chinaSo,in outdoor activities,especially in the summer,a lot of people are used to block the sun visor mirror for harm is to reduce the occurrence adjustment eye fatigue and light stimulus.Light-colored sunglasses to block the action of the good and sunlight as shade is rich colors suitable for use in all types of clothing has a strong decorative effect.The reason,its rich color,style of bright colors of sunglasses,by young people of all ages,it fell in love,is more fashionable women.Special purpose sunglasses,in general,beach,skiing,hiking,to block the more intense the sun and powerful features that are used under outdoor sunlight,such as golf,UV resistance and other indicators that are,There is a higher requirement.Favorite Ya people who differ according to different applications,but to select the sunglasses,the most basic thing is to protect the wearer from safety and vision are not subject to the basic principles of injury withdrawal.

Samsung Note 3Light stimulation,visual clarity without distortion,anti-UV,color recognition,reduce the distortion without precise identification of traffic signal,it should be a basic function of sunglasses.If there is a defect in these features,ranging from the loss of the role of sunglasses,weight,slow when you react,dizziness,suitable for sore eyes and consciousness,claims the color illusion caused the other symptoms,of inequality Walk the symptoms,can lead to an accident,such as.So sunglasses focuses only on style,Choose not be able to ignore the inherent quality.Lens categoryAnti-reflective protective lens,color lens,tinted lenses,polarized lenses,photochromic lenses and other 5: The type of sunglass lenses are roughly classified.1 antireflective protective lens: The lens is not clearer,it is possible to see what the interference of light,in order to prevent the reflection of light,are covered with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride on the surface.Your sunglasses,to test whether in fact it is in the anti-reflective protective lens is,the glass,but you can be aligned with the light source,and if you look at the reflection of purple and green,it is the lens is coated with an anti-reflection it means that you have been protective film.2.Color Lens: lenses to indicate the color,in order to absorb certain wavelengths of light,

nike shoesa number of chemical substances,which,in the manufacturing process of the lens is called "dyed lens".This lens,sunglasses type of the most commonly used.3.Made colored lenses differ only this lens method,show the same effect as the color of the lens,it is a color that is applied to the lens surface and are "inclined colored lens" are the best known,color but most of the top,down is gradually shallow.Dealing with the general prescription sunglasses I am coloring a plurality of lenses.4.polarized lenses: In order to filter the sun,a special coating that is perpendicular to the lens,which is known as a polarizing lens,in addition,in the same direction as the water and snow of land,and had been shining in dazzling light .How to use :( Seaside,skiing,fishing,for example),it is ideal for outdoor sports.5.Lens: ".Sensitive lens" was known as the original colorless and transparent lens is also that it meets the strong light,it therefore makes the protection to the color lenses,chemicals,the lens Now that we have added to the silver halide,it is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor.6.sunglasses clip: sunglasses,specially designed for polarized sunglasses,

News Uggeffective anti-glare,anti-UV clip for sighted.In particular,outdoor,it will drive the outdoor sports such as fishing.Using the technique of polarized lenses,video resolution has increased dramatically.As your vision is clearly supple,eliminating 99% of the scattered light and the reflected light.Lens Coating special intensive treatment,the wear resistance of efficacy,scratch resistance,impact resistance.7.night,driving the lens: Lord lens transmittance were affected> 75%,while must be driving at night wearing a good pair of observation night vision goggles the road,the lens ,it is necessary to other car lights are able to stop the night driving more than 80%,it is possible to see the road that drives the race,and with reference to effectively properly road,you To ensure the safety of the operation,block glare,it is possible not only to weaken the Gureagurea or other other vehicle headlights that shot harmful rays.Seed characteristics⑴ gray sheet: The gray lens will any of chromatography is considered balance,the scenery to display a real natural feel,but not obvious color difference darker and absorbs you can see.Neutral.⑵ tinted lenses:,

Nike Shoes Outletclarity and visual contrast exclude a lot of Blu-ray,you will be able to improve the better worn in air pollution,or fog conditions.In general,glasses that smooth,shiny surface is wearing that it is possible to cut off the reflected light,you can still subtle part is look is perfect for drivers.⑶ Green Lens: absorption of light at the same time,to maximize the green light to reach the eye,people will not feel tired eyes that people use cool and comfortable.⑷ blue and gray lens: Neutral the same lens and gray lens,dark,is high absorption of visible light.⑸ mercury lens: high-density surface of the mirror coating of the lens.Such lenses,reflecting visible light that is suitable for people of outdoor sports,will absorb a lot.Yellow Lens ⑹: Strictly speaking because it does not substantially reduce the visible light,such a lens is not in sunglasses,fog and dusk,yellow lenses,improve the contrast,in order to provide a more accurate picture ,it is also known has bends over as night.The proportion of young people wearing a yellow lens "sunglasses" as a decorative use.⑺ light blue,light pink,and other lens: the same decorative and practical lens.⑻ dark green lens: wear while so as not to wear,but bring the absorption cooling sensation of heat,low light transmittance and transparency in operation for the sun.⑼ Blue Lens: Seaside beach play You can be wearing a blue lens,but to remove the reflection of effectively light blue blue sea and sky.Because it will be our confusion color traffic signal,blue lens drive should be avoided.4 optional items For one,the human body has the instinct of self-preservation,the eyes of the encounter is lit,the pupil is connected naturally,performs mydriasis,and small glasses entering the eye without once of UV protection,less energy ultraviolet light,the effect of made you kind of glasses ultraviolet light and,then,in spite of the ultraviolet light in the eyes of the victims,equal eyes wide open door,you can imagine.
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