Recently, we learned that the Po Wo BX5 is about to open on March 1 pre-sale, and on March 24 officially listed. The new car is the second Volvo brand production car, which is located in a compact SUV, power will be equipped with 1.8T engine.
Similarly, BX5 also continued with the BX7 the same design language, the network connected with the headlights, making the whole body looks more spacious. Compared to BX7, BX5 front bumper parts more exercise, while the LED light source of the vertical daytime running lights are also very innovative, the overall line with the current young people's preferences. In the interior, the new car interior with a dark design, with a floating control screen, LCD dashboard, compared to BX7 law-abiding design, the visual is also more fashionable.
Power, the Bauh BX5 will be equipped with 1.8T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 140kW (190 hp), the peak torque of 280 Nm, the transmission system matching 6-speed tiptronic gearbox. Drive the form of a precursor and timely four-wheel drive to choose from.

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