Jay Wilson, a game designer best known for directing Diablo III, has announced his departure from Blizzard Entertainment, and from the games industry."Sad to say after 10 of the best years of my life this will be my last week at Blizzard, and in NBA 2K MT   the games industry," Wilsontweeted earlier today.Wilson got his start in the industry as a level designer on Blood 

              Monolith's horror-driven first-person shooter developed using the Build engine. From there, he sharpened his design skills on Relic Entertainment's Homeworld 2 before co-designing Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and moving on to Company of Heroes as senior designer.In 2006, Wilson relocated to Blizzard and contributed to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and World of WarCraft's Mist of Pandaria expansion. In his most well-known role, he sat in the director's chair of Diablo III alongside executive producer Rob Pardo.Though well-received at launch, Buy NBA 2K MT

             Diablo III came under fire for design decisions that strayed from the pedigree of fan-favorites Diablo and Diablo II. Namely, many players felt that the series' patented loot system had been throttled due to the heavy reliance on the auction house, https://www.mmogo.com/  a separate in-game interface where players could buy and sell items for real or virtual currency."It's not good for a game like Diablo," he admitted of the auction house in a 2013interview. "It doesn't feel good to get items for money. You want to get

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