Love is not worried about running between him and the team

After taking the left knee surgery last month, Love has been fully recovered, he will be in today's game against the jazz back! With excellent Official Jarvis Jenkins Elite Jersey performance, Love selected All-Star, but because of surgery, he eventually Missed the All-Star game, the importance of Love is self-evident, in his absence of 13 games, the Cavaliers only 7 wins and 6 losses, they have been struggling in the most recent period. Love's absence to the Cavaliers lack a good rebounder, during his truce, the Cavaliers averaged 44.1 from 44.1 down to 41.8, which also affected the team's offensive and defensive ends of the balance.
Because the left knee injury, Love in February 15 this year, accepted Stefon Diggs Big & Tall Jersey the operation, when he expected to hurt 6 weeks, and now, Love's comeback time is clearly earlier than expected, after the Cavs general manager David Griffin said Kevin Love will return in the near future, in the past two days, Love have participated in the training of the team, he has been a doctor's permission, you can debut.
Previously, Love also followed the team to go to Detroit, Orlando and Houston, Love is not in this period, the Cavaliers staff also had some changes, he came back again after the team run, but before the blessing Said in an interview, he did not worry about such a problem.
"In the past few years, I have had a tacit understanding with the team, I know my role in the team." Love said, "We have been watching the video before, in addition to surgery in New York that time, I did not miss any of the team's game, even if I can not debut, I also always concerned about them, I think this can make me come back more smoothly, I just do not want to disrupt the team at present The rhythm, so as long as the appearance, play out of my own style on it.
In the season so far, Love played 46 games in the Cavaliers, averaging 31.9 minutes played, you can get 20 points and 11.1 rebounds, shooting 42.9%, three-point shooting 48.4%, which is his from 2014 Year joined the Cavs since the best performance played.

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