Let the fans panic, this is just a small episode

Warriors today sits home to win two straight, Curry in the game began 90 seconds when the injury back to the locker room, but he 3 minutes later to re-enter Swingman Kyle Lowry Black Jersey the game, let the fans a false alarm. Thompson five times before the third shot all hit, after the game, the Warriors made 54 wins and 14 losses record, ahead of the lock Pacific Division champion. Warriors completed the success of the division title for three consecutive years. After the start of the game the Warriors suffered a frightening scene, Curry from the beginning of the game seems to be uncomfortable, just 90 seconds after the start of the game because of an ankle sprain, leave back to the locker room. But only 3 minutes later, the library from the locker room back to the court and re-debut, before the fans worry also become a false alarm.
Although there is such a small episode, but does not seem to change the Warriors excellent feel, the Warriors in the opening 6 minutes to play the climax of 21 to 6. Thompson feel full, the first five times the first five shots all hit, the Warriors quickly made double-digit lead. Compared to the Warriors, the magic of desire to win does not seem strong, the organization also has a big problem attack. The end of the first half, the Warriors 67 to 50 lead by 17 points, taking into account the two teams on the field state, the game is actually no suspense.
After the second half of the two sides to battles after the war, the script Adidas Kevin Durant Jersey did not run away, the warriors maintained a good offensive rhythm. In the time when Thompson felt down, Andre Iguodala and Curry became a combination of magic without solution. Especially in the fast break when the advance, Curry and Iguodala's sense of rhythm are very good. In the second half of the third quarter of the game, the Warriors have been widened to 30 points or more, the final Warriors single shot 36 to 21 score to 103 to 71 lead the end of the first three games.
After the start of the fourth quarter, the Magic scored five points, but the fact that all this is just a return to light. Warriors quickly regain control of the situation, re-spread points will be extended to more than 30 points. At the end of the game 7 minutes and 48 seconds left, the Warriors to 109 to 78 lead 31 points, after the suspension of the Warriors replaced the full lineup, the game officially entered the garbage time. It is worth mentioning that if the Warriors sideline coach is Steve Kerr, then their field coach is undoubtedly http://www.officialwarriorsteamshop.com/Authentic-Stephen-Curry-Jersey Draymond Green. For the role of Green, Kerr also said very much: "We see Green in this role on the great progress in the past few years, sometimes Green on the field coach for the role of control is not good, there This time, I think he did a very good, very good to adapt to this role!

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