Isiah Thomas is the most fearless man in the league

In the center of Oracle, the fans have their own MVP, he is Stephen Curry. In fact, he has won twice the title of the most valuable Blackhawks Brandon Mashinter Reebok Jersey player. For the fans, the library is like a college, and finally become a star of the little brother, loved. He is the team's engine, the team's lubricant. He often pray, advertising for the water purifier, with the Bay District people have always act style, to offend others to win the way.
But this time, Isiah Thomas became the object of the Oracle Center fans shouting MVP. The non-smiling intruder narrowed the distance between Boston and Auckland, and he was standing on the free throw line, and he would not show that he had heard the fans cry. He was ready before the free throw action is very simple, no turn, no hand movements, but a simple shot three goals, free throws network, simple and concise his style.
If you dare to be in the field with Isaiah Thomas, you will be in the field to feel the intensity of his game, this intensity was his wantonly swaying in the air, then, you better quit, because he Will score on your head, he will crack your double team tactics and fight your self-esteem, he will be in front of you before dawn, he will cast into those you think this can not enter the fairy ball.
On the evening of March 8, 2017, in the face of the Golden State Warriors, a team that scored 73 wins last season, a team of outstanding people who had a variety of winning streaks, One on the road mercilessly killing the opponent's team, Isiah Thomas surrendered 25 points 3 assists and 3 steals the data.
A few weeks later, I asked Isaiah Thomas not because the opponent was the Warriors, and he was in the library and the national television broadcast only when he had extra play power, he made the majority of athletes will make Of the answer, that is regardless of who the opponent, his attitude to the game are the same, but I do not believe his answer.
Before that, I had asked Isiah Thomas, who had any traits compared to other American basketball players, and he replied, "I want the players to be afraid to be against me." Since then I have believed , Isaiah - Thomas has been underestimated, and his desire to win is very strong.
Compared to professional basketball players, Isiah Thomas looks more like a small chain gym in the play of the little man, talking about a series of witty words, active atmosphere, and then make a fake action, in front of the defender into the three The ball. Players like this need to use other aspects of the ability to make up for the lack of height, such as speed, kind attitude, money, or, like Thomas, have the game intensity. This intensity may not be seen, but it can be felt, you can from his eyes, from his faint smile expression, from his look at the overall situation in the gas field to feel his strength.
This season, the 28-year-old point guard is expected to be one of the most dynamic offensive players in the league, he is the league's most fearless distal key Mr., and averaged 28.9 points for the performance of the Celtics On the regular season east of the first position, contrary to the Union expected. Now, Isaiah Thomas has entered his key fourth quarter, for the first two years of the first half of the playoffs and the return of the Celtics, this year is a good time to break the fate.

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