Injured again! who can understand his pain?

Jeremy Lin back, the Nets finally have a little improvement, but the strange is that today the Nets against the Mavericks game, he was hurt. This game, Jeremy Lin played only 7 minutes and 24 seconds this season, we have become accustomed to see the suit and Jeremy Lin sitting on the sidelines, has been accustomed to see Jeremy Lin one after another rehabilitation news, but as an NBA player, Injury is also the most do not want to encounter Jeremy Lin things, during the recuperation, he suffered a double torture of physical and psychological, Jeremy Lin's pain, and who can understand?
The Nets have been trying to protect Jeremy Lin, but still can not stop the injury problems. Last summer, Jeremy Lin and the Nets reached a 3-year total value of 36 million US dollars contract, as the team this season, a major signings, the Nets can not press Jeremy Lin, let him play.
Although the Nets are already in the eastern part of the belly for many years, but for Jeremy Lin, this is a very good destination. Occupation career Gold JaVale McGee Jersey so far, Jeremy Lin side, there will always be one or two super players exist, Cameron Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Harden, these are love the ball of the Lord, and in the super players around the side, Jeremy Lin always Need to sacrifice, always need to make concessions. And the Nets are not the same, among the team, the biggest player is Brooke Lopez, or a center, outside players, not the kind of top scorer. In the Nets, Jeremy Lin is the core of the offensive end of the organization, how to attack, so who to attack, this is Jeremy Lin to call the shots, when Jeremy Lin joined the Nets that moment, many users are feeling, this time, Jeremy Lin finally have the opportunity to do Boss, no one at the end to bind him.
Of course, Jeremy Lin did not let his fans down, the regular season opener this season, the Nets face the Celtics, Jeremy Lin won 18 points 3 rebounds and 3 assists, the second face of the Pacers, Jeremy Lin won the 21 points 9 rebounds and 9 assists in the excellent data, the Nets also ushered in the first victory of the season. Just as people expect that New York will be lifted when Lin's whirlwind, Jeremy Lin was injured.
Jeremy Lin's injury repeatedly, the Nets simply decided to let Jeremy Lin thoroughly raise the injury and then come back, so, Jeremy Lin began a long leisure stage, until the All-Star game, Jeremy Lin in the game against the Nuggets Come back. After the return, the Nets have been carefully to protect Jeremy Lin, did not let his playing time more than 30 minutes, but even so, Jeremy Lin was finally in the game against the Mavericks injured. If the injury should be attributed to luck, once twice can be, but the number of injuries more, so I am afraid I can not stand with the reasons.

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