In 1984, it was the beginning of everything for the NBA

Since the establishment of the NBA in 1946 has been 71 years, the NBA in the United States, the influence Swingman Anthony Morrow Kids Jersey of the world gradually expanded to the development of now more than 10 million fans of the Super League. If we suddenly throw a question, in NBA history, which year is the most important?
What will your answer be. 1984?
Among the many things that happened Kendrick Perkins NBA Jersey in 1984, the most important thing was undoubtedly the two men about the future of the NBA, all on the NBA this big stage. One is now known as the basketball god of Michael Jordan, and the other is from 1984 to 2014 as NBA president David Stern. Jordan basketball fans amazing, the original basketball can play so; And Stern makes the world more people have become the NBA fans. Are they two more important? Maybe it's like having a chicken first or an egg first, and there is no correct answer at all.
In fact, although the 1996 rookie was known as the golden generation; 2003 rookie was known as the Platinum generation. But we still have to look at the 1984 rookie, Arakawa Wang, Jordan, Barkley, Stockton, all from the 1984 draft. Perhaps the 1984 rookie finished product rate is not so high, but there are four people in, you dare to say 1996 and 2003 rookie must be stronger than in 1984 Do not forget that in this year's rookie, there is the only one in NBA history to get the score, rebounds, assists, steals four pairs of players, the Spurs of Elvin Robertson.
Before 1984, NBA All-Star weekend only one game, that is the All-Star race. 1984 officially joined the All-Star weekend dunk contest, in the next few decades, completely changed the definition of the sport of basketball. Although Jordan did not participate in the first slam dunk contest, but Dr.J Julius Erving in the first slam dunk contest staged free throw line dunk, become retained in the hearts of people forever classic.
The original people really able to overcome the gravity, the original people really can fly! In the next few years, Wilkins, small potatoes Weber and Jordan, will be dunk contest into an unprecedented visual feast. And all this is from 1984 onwards.
Of course, referring to 1984, that year's finals are also remembered by the classic. After several seasons of exercise, whether in 1978 to join the league Larry Bird or joined the league in 1979, Johnson Johnson, they have been consolidated in their respective team leader position, began to lead the team to the championship initiate an impact Collection Jason Witten Elite Jersey. Black and white Shuangsha legend, officially staged in the finals. From 1984 to four years later, the two teams met in the finals three times in 1984, the finals, for the next few years have laid the tone.

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