How to Take Part in the Olympics Event in Metin2?

How to Take Part in the Olympics Event in Metin2?

Thanks to the Olympics of RIO 2016 in the real world, there updates an Olympics Event which lasts from August 13th to August 20th in Metin2. There isn’t any limitation except that you should be level 30 or above without cheap metin2 yang.

The Olympics Event is a new quest that players need to talk with Yu-hwan, who is located on the second village of each kingdom, to begin the quest. You are required to collect Medal’s Pieces which are stackable and tradable. By killing the mob +/-10 your level, you can obtain the pieces. If you collect the 5 different parts, you have to exchange for your reward by turning over to the Yu-hwan. So it is time to fight against mobs with yang metin2 as many as you can. If you want to ask where to buy metin2 yang, here is your best choice.

What’s the reward? It is the Hero’s medal, as well as a chest. The female character will obtain the Athena’s Chest while the male will obtain the Milon’s Chest. The quest is repeatable that you can do it over and over again to earn more chests, but you can only obtain the Hero’s medal once. Furthermore, there are another events for you to celebrate the great moment: Sumo Ring, Horse or Budokan. Wish you obtain points as many as possible, which can be exchanged for some great rewards in Metin2.

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