Fortunately, Scott Brooks do not have to vote for MVP

This season, the regular season MVP is likely to be produced between Harden and Westbrook, and in the interview, the Wizards coach Brooks even Westbrook, said he should get MVP trophy "In the MVP selection, you can consider a little team record factors." Brooks said, "but in fact, the Thunder's performance is not bad, they are not not into the playoffs, they can not be called this season is not successful. Is that Thunder has a very good talent, they are also winning, it is possible to play 50 wins, while Westbrook is an important reason for the success of the Thunder.
Westbrook played this season, the shock Redskins Nike Kirk Cousins Women Jersey of the performance, averaging 31.8 points and 10.6 rebounds and 10.3 assists, he hopes to become the Oscar Robertson, NBA history, the first two games played averaged three pairs of players. "For me, I have the privilege to know what we are behind in the success of the three pairs of data will not happen often, and the season is three pairs of MVP for me is the certificate, it is difficult to say no "As with most of the coaches and players, I am full of excitement and respect for the performance of Westbrook. He has full energy, like a motor, in my opinion, he is a phenomenal level player of."
"What is really crazy is that Leonard is now a popular candidate in the MVP discussion," Brooks said. "In fact, the regular season began, Leonard was very good, he should have entered the discussion list He is one of the best players in the league, able to play five positions, be able to defend, have a championship heart. You can also think that Leonard should get MVP, fortunately, I do not have to participate in MVP vote."
At the same time, Harden's performance is also very good, he averaged 29.1 points 11.2 assists and 7.9 rebounds, in the NBA history, and only Oscar Robertson can play at least this season averaged data. In the MVP competition, Westbrook's biggest disadvantage Jets Sheldon Richardson Black Jersey is the team record. Thunder is currently 38 wins and 29 losses, and Harden's Rockets 46 wins and 21 losses, Leonard's Spurs is reached 52 wins and 14 losses, the two teams record better than the Thunder a lot better.

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