Formal Dresses Katie thorne auburn resident

Free holiday weekend begins aug "I think (free next day in-store delivery.) there are people who do some shopping on that weekend for the(Taxfree holiday,)"Johnston said. "It's a busy weekend for us anyway because(Sorority)Rush is starting.Some of the items the kids purchase nowadays are pricey.So it makes a big difference.It's nice to save that 9 percent. "Wende jackson, guest service manager from target in tiger town, said they created a backtoschool section in their store and have more staff members working the holiday. "We try to accommodate our guests with more staff here, having deals specifically for that weekend and really just having an increase of staff to facilitate having the increase of guests on the holiday,"Jackson said. Johnston the homepage here said backtoschool shopping has changed in recent years for college students.He said book sales are more difficult for local bookstores when students can often get their textbooks cheaper online. "In my day, you shopped early and saved,"Johnston said. Formal Dresses Katie thorne, auburn resident and auburn university alumna, said she never bought textbooks on the sales tax holiday, but she does use the holiday to make other purchases. "It's a chance for parents to get a great deal on all the little things their kids need, like notebooks and pens and pencils,"Thorne said. "If you've got several kids, it can make a huge difference.I know i'll probably get some new clothes and work supplies, because there's no reason to pass up that 9 percent off a purchase. "Taxexempt items for the weekend of aug.24 include clothing worth $100 or less per item.Such clothing items include shoes, sneakers, coats, jackets, raincoats, dresses, school uniforms, undergarments and more.Items including cosmetics, jewelry, sunglasses and eyeglasses, watches and more are taxable. Computer supplies made in purchases of $750 or less are taxexempt, including printers, printing supplies, handheld electronic schedulers, compact disks and more.Cellphones, furniture and noneducational video games are taxable. Finally, school supplies worth $50 or Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Australia less per item are taxexempt, from binders to markers and paper.Textbooks worth $30 or less per book are taxexempt, but magazines and newspapers are taxable. Johnston said while he expects good business next weekend, he doesn't usually see many shoppers out just because of the sales tax holiday. "It's a time that we're picking up anyway,"Johnston said. "Actually, most of the customers i have, they rarely know that(The holiday)Is going on that weekend.Weekends are our best day of the week for business anyway. "Linn neal, manager at office depot, couldn't comment on sales or traffic at the store on sales tax holidays, but he said he expects to see more customers than usual.

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