FIG.3 is a semi-transparent sunglasses are very special,section of the jacket plus bow belt of the suit,looks for a very defensive of handsome and sweet feeling

I love metal temples decorated with stunt of artificial crystal,design and trademark.Black lens that does not see anything than to the pleasant eye,light lens than the sense of the wearer's mystery gift.Since the Asian generally inferior to Westerners malicious line the nose,which is more appropriate with the idea Vista Optics optometrist 陈慧 Fen respondents for the native style,is as follows.Metal frame,plastic temple.Tips for wearing sunglasses?*There is noneRay-Ban,the sunglasses favor of a single productRay-Ban,the sunglasses favor of a single productStanding in ?? on the issue,also has been standing on the forehead,and stood on the bridge of the nose.* Although there is no sunlight,please do not wear.Especially internally.As long as you are you do not want to dine at restaurants and clubs.Beloved sunglasses because foreigners prefer lunch outdoors.* You can not only when you are wearing sunglasses good quality,to protect the eyes,it is not possible to further damage to the eyes,please remember.6 star SunglassesSunglasses (20)Large dark sunglasses,is the star that you can go out with accessories basically.First,the reason is,of its large,attached to the face,small face covers almost the entire face,big face also in 1/2 1/3 Nengzhe.

Oakley outletIn addition,it is not possible other people see their eyes,but to select the sunglasses of advantage to wear their glasses,they can look around in glasses shield.Same sunglasses,was able to wear a different star to have a different result.7 new Fashion Today,sunglasses are no longer simply the sun's eyes,does not play the role of the right choice.SunglassesSunglassesPopularity of sunglasses will be very be able to make fashionable.1,oval frame,coupled with the handsome front cardigan dress,very comfortable intimate at this year's popular models.2,glasses black edge it becomes possible to play a role in reducing the short hair lengths of the face and shoulders,using a profile,very may appear boyish,dark red wool Court will be able to change this impression soon match.FIG.3 is a semi-transparent sunglasses are very special,section of the jacket plus bow belt of the suit,looks for a very defensive of handsome and sweet feeling.4 to catch the collar and front cardigan knit fur,handsome silhouette translucent style of sunglasses,in addition to the fine,it has been selectedBuild quality of luxury Charm sunglasses starBuild quality of luxury Charm sunglasses starInduced line and I will be able to add a highlight.5,all black sunglasses you the most popular of a number of different sensations coupled British student faction shirt to create a style,giving.6,of course sunglasses of different styles is a short coat,

cheap nike air max 2015modern pop is a good choice,you need a different style and matching coat.7,jacket with a natural luster,is coupled need stylish sunglasses,regardless,will be the positive selection of the length of the section.8 that requires a handsome coat is completely cool feeling and certainly corresponds to that of sunglasses,the jacket military section of,has been selected.8 quality standards Eyes and skin,strong ultraviolet content,as if being damaged by long exposure to sunlight.Risk of cataracts will increase.To follow when choosing sunglasses,you,it was considered too ultraviolet function,better,to send the function through a more powerful protection.Many people have thought.In order to avoid the lens irritation sun the actual facts rather than a deeper color.
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