DS 7 CROSSBACK tries to focus on the latest DS CONNECTED PILOT autopilot and night vision system. At present, DS's automatic driving technology can automatically identify the road mark through the camera and sensor of the vehicle body, with adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance assistance (30km / h when activated, can be maintained in the range of 0-180km / h), fully automatic Parking, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, driver attention monitoring and other active safety functions.
DS 7 CROSSBACK will become the first PSA group to carry plug-in hybrid models, the plug-in hybrid version will be equipped with a 203 horsepower gasoline engine and the layout of the front and rear axles of the two motors together constitute a hybrid system, Each motor maximum power 80kW, integrated maximum power output 304 horsepower, peak torque 450 Nm. Transmission system, with the power system will be the latest development of the 8-speed automatic transmission. Batteries, the output power of 90kW lithium-ion battery pack is located in the second row of seats below, the use of home 16A power supply in 4 and a half hours to complete the charge, pure power mode mileage of 60km. In addition, the car will provide four driving modes: 100% electric (ZEV), hybrid (HEV), sports (SPORT) and 4 × 4 four-wheel drive mode.

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