Don't be surprised, no matter what data Harden has played

With the Nuggets a war, James Harden under 40 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, the second consecutive blast of 40+ three pairs. This is a staggering Red Wings Bob Probert Jersey data, but the Rockets said he was no longer surprised by the performance of Harden's play, because they have become accustomed to.
"That would not surprise me," D'Antoni said, "you see his performance, that performance Eddie Lack Hurricanes Jersey does not even make you surprised, he has been playing this performance in the previous day hit 38 minutes to win 40+ after three pairs, he tried to find a little energy, and then once again blasted 40+ three pairs, it is incredible, and his performance is incredible.
Harden set a record, he was the first in the back of the back blasted 40+ three pairs of players, with the Nuggets before the war, Harden in the game with the pelican won 41 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists. Harden has won 7 times this season, 40+ three pairs, a record NBA history. Harden has twice this season, two consecutive H40+ three pairs, he is the first time in the history of a single season to do the players.
Quietly, Harden's scoring average has been raised to 29.2 points, tied to Isaiah Thomas ranked second in the league. To Harden's current state, he was in the rest of the regular season impact Russell Westbrook's scoring is also not a chance. "Every game played this performance, this is my job," Harden understated.
"His performance is fantastic," said the Rockets center, "he can make the other players into the game, he can make other people get better, especially those shooters. We also have to go down the big man, give He opened the space, his lethality is too strong. "Whenever the rocket into danger, their greatest trust is Harden. Such as the Nuggets, in the case of the first half behind Harden led in the third quarter net victory over 11 points to reverse the situation. Harden said: "I was in accordance with their defensive strategy to choose the attack, whether it is to vote three points or attack the basket or pass the opportunity to create.

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