Derrick Williams, the most valuable signing of Cavs?

Cavs in the middle of the season a few transactions and signing, so that the defending champion had already strong Blue Jarome Iginla Jersey enough to become more terrible lineup. And these transactions and signing, of course, can not be separated from the general manager of David David Griffin's excellent operation, before and after the transaction deadline, for the team to attract the Deron Williams this former All-Star point guard, and Bogut, who had helped the Warriors win a championship. Although Bogut was in the team played for the Heat and the game was injured and season reimbursement, but then David Griffin once again play a role, big hand wave, for the team had a good retreat for a long time, And now eager to come back to the cap machine Larry Sanders.
Plus this before with almost empty gloves white wolf way from the Hawks get Kewoer, this series of flash in the pan, people make a case, but the current situation, then, it seems David Griffin made The signing of the most perfect is not signed Delong or for the team inside the new force, but with extremely low prices, signed the second place in 2011 show Derrick Williams, and the latter also Cavs The array played a great effect. He became a Cavs fast break in addition to James, the best terminator, he is not bad performance in the three-point line, he is also a defensive end of the performance. Cavs signed him, only spent 400,000 US dollars, and he also regain freshman, back to the past as their second place glory.
Williams is not a long time, he is the second place in 2011 show. Can be in a draft of the General Assembly was given the first choice, the strength can be seen. Williams studied at the University of Arizona, the Secretary of the power forward, height 206 cm, wingspan reached 218 cm. And now on, Cavs management hopes Williams to ease the pressure of James hope, he is really done, both on the offensive end, or defensive end. Williams in the Cavaliers averaged 8.3 and 3 rebounds, shooting 51%, third hit rate of 40%. He came to the Cavaliers after the Cavss have become an important point on the bench, he and James fast break with a very understanding, and he alone in the field, his fast break can also bring help to the team. James averaged 7.1 points in the league averaged 7.1 points in the league, while Williams joined the Cavaliers after the fast break was divided into 5.0 points ranked ninth in the league.
Williams to the Cavaliers and James brought the help, not only reflected Thomas Vanek Red Premier Jersey in the fast break, he came to the Cavaliers after three-pointers have made great progress. This season, Derek Williams missed only 33% of the three-point shooting, but came to the Cavaliers, his vacancy three-point hit rate of 45.8%, if the opponent also use the old strategy to defend him, then it will pay Heavy price. Of course, this one, Williams and James is also complement each other, he dropped into three-pointers, James brush to assists.
Now Williams, no longer need to be able to stay in the Cavs and work hard, he has got the Cavs signed the end of the protection of the season, but also got the backing of James!

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