Defense the Rockets just limit the opponents free throws to get the score

Rockets and thunder of the playoffs. Before the game, Thunder generals are talking about the key point of the defensive Rockets, that is to avoid Brent Seabrook Stanley Cup Jersey falling into foul trouble, limit the opponent free throws. The Rockets is the league shot three points and hit the most one-third of the team. But in fact, the Rockets have a trick, that is, fouls to win free throws is the strongest NBA, they are able to get 26.5 free throws, the league first. And the interesting thing is that the Rockets and Thunder series opener of the first battle, just a tight scale, like fouls. The referee Capes every 48 minutes to blow the rules led all the referee, the field of another referee Wright foul frequency is also ranked fifth.
Judging from the characteristics of the two referees, their blowing scale is clearly more favorable for the Rockets. Thunder seems to have noticed this point, they continue to emphasize before the game to control the number of fouls.
In fact, in the regular season, the Thunder against the Rockets in the control of the number of fouls to do quite well, the Rockets 4 games averaged 23.8 free throws, which is lower than their season average. But to the more intense against the playoffs, once the third in general, the Rockets will be more firmly hit the basket made foul, the Thunder did not dare to be taken lightly, especially to the main anti-Harden's Robertson.
"If you are blowing a lot of fouls at the beginning of each section, you will let the opponent keep on the free throw line and get free throws." Thunder coach Donovan said, "We want to ensure Premier Rene Bourque NHL Jersey the defensive strength of the case It is very important to avoid fouls as much as possible, and once we get three fouls in the first few minutes, we will get into a passive situation after that game.
"Every player has a different scoring method, Rockets players will use their own way to score." Robertson said, "Harden is very good at making fouls on the free throw line, he can break, In short, Harden is a very comprehensive player.
"It's very important for me to control fouls and avoid foul trouble, which will keep me in the field and keep the pace of the game," Robertson continued. "If you go back twice, It is hard for you to keep up with the rhythm of the game or find the feeling.

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