In the major car prices will be put into the SUV market, another market segment is also the rapid rise, that is, MPV models. Who can take the initiative in the MPV market, who will be able to share in this market a cup of soup. From last year's sales data, MPV models sold a total of 249.65 million, an increase of 18.38% year on year, and in this year's sales of independent brand models monopolize the vast majority of the market.
Changan car which is particularly eye-catching performance. 2016 Changan Automobile Auchan brand to Ao Nuo, Auchan, Ou Liwei as the representative of the MPV sales year on year growth of 53.71%, more than the overall growth rate of MPV.
In the Ounuo and Auchang stable play on the basis of Changan Automobile will also be sold in the MPV market, the new seven MPV Ling Xuan March 3 debut in Chongqing, is expected to be listed in June. This car not only opened a new product line Changan car line, but also shoulder the Chinese car brand mid-size MPV overall market breakthrough and reshape the important pattern of market structure. After the listing will greatly boost Changan car MPV sales to further growth, and Po Chun 730 together to eat this market.

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