In the modified circle has been popular with a saying, the bigger the wheel to the better look. In fact, this argument is not comprehensive, it is easy to mislead novice owners. Increasing the hub does make the vehicle look more atmospheric, sport, can use too large wheels, but also for our car to bring a lot of hidden dangers.
Hazard one: raise the body caused by the vehicle floating
We all know that aerodynamics is one of the foundations of automobile manufacturing. Now every new car in the design of the time, need to be digitized modeling, and through the wind tunnel test. If we replace the wheels larger than the original size, it means changing the body's data. Because the hub directly larger, the equivalent of raising the body, there will be more than the original design fit Civic EM Coilovers of the air flow from the bottom through the formation of the lift force, the car will be more open to float.
Hazard II: increase the direction of load
Increasing the size of the hub In addition to changing the body data, the tire increases regardless of weight, or frictional resistance with the road will become larger. So, in our normal direction, the direction of the machine in the horizontal load will increase. Over time it is easy to make the direction of the machine rod deformation or fracture, so no doubt greatly affected the owners of the traffic safety. fit hayabusa 2008 rods
Hazard three: fuel consumption increased economic deterioration
As mentioned earlier, when the tire diameter becomes larger, the frictional resistance of the tire and the road has increased. This is because the same tire running a circle of large diameter tires, through the road than the original longer, by the road back to the force of the more. Therefore, the vehicle's engine load will be correspondingly larger, and finally lead to increased fuel consumption.
Hazard four: odometer / speedometer display is not accurate
Usually our vehicle's odometer and speedometer, are based on the tire inside the wheel speed sensor feedback speed Hayabusa 1300 rods, the vehicle's current state of the calculation and display. However, if the replacement of a large hub, the same speed of the vehicle speed and mileage, there will be a corresponding change, resulting in delays in maintenance or speeding and many other troubles.

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