Although the layout of a large step X7 look at the layout is also known to the public, but also in the use of materials, the big step X7 can be considered under the foot of the effort, leather parcels, soft plastic, suture decoration, like a lot. But the big step X7 in order to meet the tastes of the people, the use of too much chrome trim and pseudo-solid wood veneer, it will inevitably look some tacky fit air bag suspension audi a6. In fact, this "tacky" problem is not only exist in the public Thai, is one of the common problems of independent brands.
And the road of the interior or as usual "popular style", although the lack of new ideas, but wins in the steady, straight lines with soft, with a different color to increase the level of interior trim, pleasing to the eye to see. Because the two car size is not an order of magnitude, so no comparable. Anta uses 2 + 3 + 2 of the seven layout, and the big step X7 fit audi a6 avant air suspension bag is the traditional five layout. Both back can be tipped down.
The road will provide 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine and 2.5L turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. 2.0T engine which is divided into high and low power version fit audi s6 air suspension bag, the maximum power of 186 horsepower and 220 horsepower, respectively, the peak torque of 320 Nm and 350 Nm. 2.5T engine maximum power of 299 horsepower, the peak torque of 500 cattle meters.

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