As long as James in the Cavs has no problem?

Cavs beat the Jazz at home, reported the previous loss to the Jazz of the revenge. James personal career Super Bowl Julio Jones Elite Jersey sports warfare goals to reach 10291 goals, beyond Duncan rose to NBA history 13. In the first three quarters of the game, James gave a "water" feeling, during which the Cavaliers also fell into a bitter struggle The But in the case of limited use of Love, Irving in advance of the case of injury due to injury, James decisively in the fourth quarter to strengthen the personal attack in the fourth quarter took 17 points. Changed the trend of the game!
In the Cavss on a victory over the Pistons game, James scored 16 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds, becoming the first in the history of the Cavaliers in a single season to get 10+ three pairs of players. But for these achievements, James does not care, because he just wanted to lead the Cavs back on track, just want to lead the Cavaliers defending the championship.
Love came back. In order to let the music as soon as possible into the team, James in the first game only shot 2 times, he is more in the organization of the attack, as had to Korver, Deron and others into the same team. But when alone to lead Kids Packers Davante Adams Jersey off the bench when playing, James will not "water". In the second quarter to 10 minutes, James got backcourt rebounds after the pro-advance, Jazz did not double-team, which makes them pay the price. Saw James face a defensive player, directly back against the opponent to the basket strong kill, although the Jazz players in the push and pull people, but still let James finish layup. This is James, he is like a tank in the same rolling, you say this ye defense?
James in the second quarter 5 vote 4 to get 8 points to lead the Cavaliers to obtain double-digit advantage, after his break, the Jazz will score up to catch up. The third quarter when James after the break, the Cavs did not score, the Jazz will score tied. This from the other side reflects James's ability to lead, but, but, but still does not matter, because as James once said, as long as he is, the Cavs is no problem!

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