Aldridge, regaining the throne of the union's first?

In the last week after the Spurs lost to the Thunder, the team announced Aldridge due to arrhythmia symptoms, will be an indefinite Thunder Serge Ibaka Swingman Jersey truce. At that time, Spurs coach Popovich also expressed his concern that this is a serious problem. Aldridge in this section of the bone heart problems, so fans once worried about the Spurs playoff prospects this season.
According to reports, Aldridge early in the rookie season was diagnosed with Wolf Parkinson White syndrome, there will be symptoms of heart beat to speed up. At that time, Aldridge accepted a small operation, missed the last nine games of the season. In the 2011-12 season, Aldridge's heart problems relapse, he again received the relevant treatment.
Talking about Aldridge's condition, Popovich was reluctant to reveal the details, but he said Aldridge was dealing with the problem throughout the season. "What others do not know is that Aldridge is struggling with heart problems throughout the season," Popovich said. "After dealing with this matter, Aldridge showed a lot of good quality As well as the tough character."
But the good news is that the Spurs announced that the main line of Aldridge back, will play in the team today on the Blazers game. "Aldridge has got a doctor's permission to play the game," Popovich said, "Obviously, we are very excited after hearing the news, but more importantly, the doctors feel Aldridge's body no problem, We are very excited that Aldridge can continue to play, and in the absence of any risk of this situation is the most important. "Aldridge's condition is not as serious as imagined. At the local time on Friday and Monday, Aldridge was in a place in San Antonio, accepted the test, the results were ideal, he returned to the team later on Monday. And wait until local time on Wednesday, the Spurs announced Kids Anthony Morrow Royal Blue Jersey Aldridge has been able to come back to play the game, and will not be any restrictions. Aldridge back to open the extension of the extension, which is he again against the old club. The game is very important for both teams, the Spurs can win, you can regain the throne of the union's first!

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