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Veyron's W16, 8.0L, 4 turbo set

The roof of all the semi-long fin design is like the 1963 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic tribute, may also be the only car "retro" place. The dome-like arc-shaped C-pillar divides the cockpit and the engine, and can be made with any material according to the customer's preferences. The Chiron carbon fiber chassis is designed to withstand torque up to 50,000 Nm / m, and the top LMP1 of the Le Mans race is the worst of the racing races in the first two years of the most invincible V10 TDI…


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Car replacement big wheel damage

In the modified circle has been popular with a saying, the bigger the wheel to the better look. In fact, this argument is not comprehensive, it is easy to mislead novice owners. Increasing the hub does make the vehicle look more atmospheric, sport, can use too large wheels, but also for our car to bring a lot of hidden dangers.

Hazard one: raise the body caused by the vehicle floating

We all know that aerodynamics is one of the foundations of automobile manufacturing. Now every new…


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There is a mass production possibility in the mid-engine 911

From the Porsche release of the engine in the 911 RSR day, I have a strong premonition: the commercial version of 911 in the future will certainly be launched in the engine version. Last year, in the "next generation 911 fully switch to MR drive layout? Porsche 911 RSR new racing caused by the reverie "in the article, when I made a too optimistic forecast, that Porsche will be in the entire 911 car to use MR layout.

And after careful thought, Porsche to "rich level 911 iron powder" who…


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Big step X7 models choose less

Although the layout of a large step X7 look at the layout is also known to the public, but also in the use of materials, the big step X7 can be considered under the foot of the effort, leather parcels, soft plastic, suture decoration, like a lot. But the big step X7 in order to meet the tastes of the people, the use of too much chrome trim and pseudo-solid wood veneer, it will inevitably look some tacky fit…


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Changan car performance eye-catching

In the major car prices will be put into the SUV market, another market segment is also the rapid rise, that is, MPV models. Who can take the initiative in the MPV market, who will be able to share in this market a cup of soup. From last year's sales data, MPV models sold a total of 249.65 million, an increase of 18.38% year on year, and in this year's sales of independent brand models monopolize the vast majority of the market.

Changan car which is particularly eye-catching performance.…


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The Power Ban feature of the engine

Said the soft, say the problem too hard. Excellent, the biggest problem is to destroy the car, and the daily driving is to test the stomach function, destroy the car do not have to introduce excessive vibration caused the interior buckle loose, annoying, changed the car people understand; test stomach function even more to say , Full of rice dare not drive a lot of people in the car. Of course, too hard also on the brake, tires, wheels made a higher match requirements, the daily streets with…


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McLaren 720S officially unveiled

In the current Geneva Motor Show, McLaren finally put their new sports car 720S first public display debut, the new car will replace the future of McLaren 650S cash.

Appearance, the new car with a new design language, the overall look more fluid. New car headlamps group shape more slender, rear exhaust port with a double-out of the layout, but also adds a new style of spoiler.

McLaren official said the new ultra-running aerodynamic efficiency than the McLaren 650S doubled, while the…


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DS 7 CROSSBACK tries to focus on the latest DS CONNECTED PILOT autopilot and night vision system. At present, DS's automatic driving technology can automatically identify the road mark through the camera and sensor of the vehicle body, with adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance assistance (30km / h when activated, can be maintained in the range of 0-180km / h), fully automatic Parking, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, driver attention monitoring and other active safety…


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Ferrari successfully formed the team

20 years of flash, Enzo Ferrari surprised to find their own situation is actually pretty good. As a member of the Alfa Romeo team, he also had the opportunity to contact with some great drivers and had enough confidence to attract and influence them. As a frequent visitor to the racing field, he also attended a number of banquets, Ferrari is to cope with this occasion master, both in the racing sector or in the Alfa Romeo engineering and sales team, he is right for…


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Ferrari's fate changed

At the age of 10, his father took him and his brother went to Bologna, witnessed the first race in life racing. Insight into the racing heroic posture, howling the engine, he felt the blood boiling. Many years later Ferrari admitted that in childhood he had dreamed of doing three things: writing sports news, singing opera and racing.

Regardless of the Ferrari racing career, he experienced a lot of frustration, he still in 1923 ushered in his great leap fit…


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Car - related carbon emissions

In terms of cars, a lot of fuel consumption is already a large extent consumption of the Earth's resources. Each country want the car to consume fuel can be less, so have introduced a different period of different indicators. What we have often heard in the past is that in 2020, Europe will implement the most stringent vehicle carbon emissions system, that is, 95 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide emissions.

95g This value is what we often hear, we in 2020 this time period, China's…


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BMW i8 Spyder spy photos exposed

Previously, the industry on the BMW when the launch of i8 Spyder production version of the news after another, there are reports that the car because the i5 project was delayed. Recently, foreign media for the first time to the car to test the spy photos, which proved i8 Spyder is coming on the road, it is learned that it will be officially released in early 2018.

Spy photos, we can clearly see the car with a convertible design, tail light group shape is also consistent with the cash…


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Positioning compact SUV Bauh BX5

Recently, we learned that the Po Wo BX5 is about to open on March 1 pre-sale, and on March 24 officially listed. The new car is the second Volvo brand production car, which is located in a compact SUV, power will be equipped with 1.8T engine.

Similarly, BX5 also continued with the BX7 the same design language, the network connected with the headlights, making the whole body looks more spacious. Compared to BX7, BX5 front bumper parts more exercise, while the LED light source of the…


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Q50 / QX80 signature version of the starting

The Chicago Motor Show, the Infiniti Q50 and QX80 Signature edition (signature version) models officially released. It is reported that these two signature models for the actual Q50 and QX80 increase with the price version, and only for the US market.

Infiniti Q50 signature version basically follows the same design style as the Q50 regular version, comes standard with 17-inch polished rims, colored skylights, navigation, voice recognition, etc., and support the rear seat 4/6 ratio…


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Skoda new Citigo official map release

Skoda Citigo is the public up! And the sister model of the West Yate Mii, which is located in a miniature car. Recently, Skoda officially released 2017 models of Citigo models. Compared to cash, the new car mainly for the appearance and internal configuration of the upgrade, better able to meet the needs of young consumers car. It is reported that the new car will be held on March 7 this year, 2017 Geneva Motor Show officially released.

Front part of the new car headlamps with…


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Japanese engine vs German system

It is fair to say that this kind of trial out of the Prime Minister, should go back to the design stage to modify to overcome, but the BMW brand in response to China's situation to modify the product design will be relatively low, with its "technology-driven" development philosophy, and Germany People on their own technology and self-confidence have a relationship. But the objective that in the technical field, especially in the field of high-tech, BMW car in the design, testing phase of the…


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BorgWarner's eGearDrive 31-03

BorgWarner eGearDrive 31-03 aluminum die-cast housing, the effective reduction of weight, while the use of high-efficiency transmission gear, so that the entire drive axle transmission efficiency of more than 97%. And benefit from the use of efficient transmission gear, effectively reducing the driving noise, vibration and wear, making NVH characteristics better. At the same time, this drive axle and electronic parking lock system fit…


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31-03 of the electronic drive axle

Recently, the US auto parts company BorgWarner announced that the new energy vehicles for the Beijing Automotive to provide a new upgraded version of eGearDrive electronic drive axle, which is following the electric car for Geely supply, BorgWarner once again for the Chinese brand to provide electronic Drive axle products.

Driving axle is a structure that can be seen on a vehicle using an integral bridge suspension. Although called the drive axle…


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Volvo 144 review

In 1966 August, Volvo introduced a new four-door car, known as the Volvo 144. It represents the beginning of a new series of models, the car line in 1974 has been Volvo production models.

144 design is really able to experience the test of time, which improved version of the car in the early nineties is still successful sales. Features include a large area of glass and three side windows.

144 interior space is extremely spacious, there is a big luggage compartment. Volvo 144 also…


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Volvo 121 / 122S the bottom plate

The new model is named P1800, followed by the name P1800S / 1800S and 1800E. This very Italian-style new sports car, in 1961 began production.

Since Volvo did not have the capacity to produce the car itself, in the first few years, production was outsourced to England. Manufactured by a company called Pressed Steel, the final assembly was carried out at Jensen. The assembly of the P-1800 S was later transferred to Lundbyverken in Göteborg in 1963. The production of the body also shifted…


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