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Harden is a tough guy but also a workaholic

With the end of the regular season, more and more teams and head coach began to make the main players holiday. In the day before the Cavs and the Clippers that the United States live game, the Cavss to arrange Cubs Flex Base Official Jersey their three main main James, Irving and Love holiday. And in the recent warrior away to challenge the Spurs game, the Warriors is to make the four main shift holiday. But Harden…


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Thunder and Warriors or dignity and pride

New Orleans all-star game this year, Durant sent to the prestige Domantas Sabonis Youth Jersey of the record that seems to vividly, perhaps between the feelings of two people no way back to the past as intimate, and the two now Its Lord, Warriors and Thunder between the scores but will not end, whether the last Warriors reached a sweep, or Thunder for their own win the game, as well as dignity and…


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Don't be surprised, no matter what data Harden has played

With the Nuggets a war, James Harden under 40 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, the second consecutive blast of 40+ three pairs. This is a staggering Red Wings Bob Probert Jersey data, but the Rockets said he was no longer surprised by the performance of Harden's play, because they have become accustomed to.

"That would not surprise me," D'Antoni said, "you see his performance, that performance…


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Injured again! who can understand his pain?

Jeremy Lin back, the Nets finally have a little improvement, but the strange is that today the Nets against the Mavericks game, he was hurt. This game, Jeremy Lin played only 7 minutes and 24 seconds this season, we have become accustomed to see the suit and Jeremy Lin sitting on the sidelines, has been accustomed to see Jeremy Lin one after another…


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Derrick Williams, the most valuable signing of Cavs?

Cavs in the middle of the season a few transactions and signing, so that the defending champion had already strong Blue Jarome Iginla Jersey enough to become more terrible lineup. And these transactions and signing, of course, can not be separated from the general manager of David David Griffin's excellent operation, before and after the transaction deadline, for the team to attract the Deron Williams this…


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Sure, being healthy is Jeremy Lin's first priority

In the game lost to the Mavericks, only played 7 minutes and 24 seconds of Jeremy Lin sadly exit. And a sad reality is put in front of the summer last year after the transfer to the Nets, Jeremy Lin did hit the dream Cubs Cool Base Authentic Jersey of starting position, but this is also his third injury this season.

Hoping to play the main force, and eager to assume the responsibility of the leader,…


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Pourquoi le nouvel it bag de Maje va vous faire craquer ?

Pour la saison Sac Goyard printemps-été 2017, Maje dévoile une nouvelle déclinaison de son sac emblématique, le M. Moderne et coloré, le M Walk a tout pour nous faire succomber.

Un sac qui convient à toutes les occasions ? C'est le pari réussi du M Walk, petit dernier de Maje. Décliné en rouge, bleu, nude ou noir, ce sac peut se porter à la main, façon pochette, comme en bandoulière...  Ce qui nous…


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In 1984, it was the beginning of everything for the NBA

Since the establishment of the NBA in 1946 has been 71 years, the NBA in the United States, the influence Swingman Anthony Morrow Kids Jersey of the world gradually expanded to the development of now more than 10 million fans of the Super League. If we suddenly throw a question, in NBA history, which year is the most important?

What will your answer be. 1984?

Among the many things that…


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Le prince William et Kate Middleton sont à Paris, Benoit Hamon raconte une anecdote glaçante

20H PEOPLE : Sac Goyard Le prince William et Kate Middleton sont à Paris et ont été reçus par François Hollande, Benoit Hamon raconte l'anecdote glaçante d'une rencontre avec une militante.

Le prince William et Kate Middleton sont à Paris ce vendredi 17 mars pour une visite de deux jours. Il s'agira, non pas d'un voyage romantique dans la ville des Lumières, mais plutôt d'une opération séduction... Le Duc et la Duchesse de Cambridge se…


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Let the fans panic, this is just a small episode

Warriors today sits home to win two straight, Curry in the game began 90 seconds when the injury back to the locker room, but he 3 minutes later to re-enter Swingman Kyle Lowry Black Jersey the game, let the fans a false alarm. Thompson five times before the third shot all hit, after the game, the Warriors made 54 wins and 14 losses record, ahead of the lock Pacific Division champion. Warriors completed the success of the…


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As long as James in the Cavs has no problem?

Cavs beat the Jazz at home, reported the previous loss to the Jazz of the revenge. James personal career Super Bowl Julio Jones Elite Jersey sports warfare goals to reach 10291 goals, beyond Duncan rose to NBA history 13. In the first three quarters of the game, James gave a "water" feeling, during which the Cavaliers also fell into a bitter struggle The But in the case of limited use of Love, Irving in…


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Changan car performance eye-catching

In the major car prices will be put into the SUV market, another market segment is also the rapid rise, that is, MPV models. Who can take the initiative in the MPV market, who will be able to share in this market a cup of soup. From last year's sales data, MPV models sold a total of 249.65 million, an increase of 18.38% year on year, and in this year's sales of independent brand models monopolize the vast majority of the market.

Changan car which is particularly eye-catching performance.…


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The Power Ban feature of the engine

Said the soft, say the problem too hard. Excellent, the biggest problem is to destroy the car, and the daily driving is to test the stomach function, destroy the car do not have to introduce excessive vibration caused the interior buckle loose, annoying, changed the car people understand; test stomach function even more to say , Full of rice dare not drive a lot of people in the car. Of course, too hard also on the brake, tires, wheels made a higher match requirements, the daily streets with…


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Sanders became last piece of puzzle for the championship?

Larry Sanders Sign Cavs. Bogut played less than 1 minute season after the reimbursement, Sanders became the Cavaliers and then the final piece of the puzzle. How can Sanders play a big role Avalanche Womens Adam Foote Jersey? Answer this question, you can control the last week after Bogut joined the Cavaliers I wrote: before the Cavaliers did not really care for the basket of high center, which allows them to…


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The most typical response of Westbrook's version

MVP competition has always been referred to the player data+team record, take MVP player record will often be discharged Adidas Shawn Kemp Authentic Jersey into the partition before the second, Westbrook led the record is flawed. "I might have chosen Harden," he said. "I might have chosen Harden because he was not much different in value, but I thought you had to reward a better record." So I think Harden…


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Une élue PS condamnée pour avoir acheté pour près de 13 000€ de vêtements avec l'argent public

Fatoumata Koïta, Sac Goyard conseillère départementale socialiste de l'Essonne a été condamnée à la fin du mois de février pour avoir réalisé 13 000 euros d'achats notamment de vêtements, avec de l'argent public.

Une élue socialiste de l'Essonne, Fatoumata Koïta, a été condamnée fin février pour avoir réalisé des achats à hauteur de près de 13 000 euros avec de l'argent public. Une grande partie des achats était des...…


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Love is not worried about running between him and the team

After taking the left knee surgery last month, Love has been fully recovered, he will be in today's game against the jazz back! With excellent Official Jarvis Jenkins Elite Jersey performance, Love selected All-Star, but because of surgery, he eventually Missed the All-Star game, the importance of Love is self-evident, in his absence of 13 games, the Cavaliers only 7 wins and 6 losses, they have been struggling…


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The Warriors, victory cannot hide embarrassment

The team are playing very hard, the team are in urgent need of this victory! 106-104, after three years in the first three straight after the return of home warriors finally got the victory in the hands of 76ers. Unfortunately, the current state of the team, the game is won, behind the victory is hidden two can not face up to the embarrassment.…


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Fortunately, Scott Brooks do not have to vote for MVP

This season, the regular season MVP is likely to be produced between Harden and Westbrook, and in the interview, the Wizards coach Brooks even Westbrook, said he should get MVP trophy "In the MVP selection, you can consider a little team record factors." Brooks said, "but in fact, the Thunder's performance is not bad, they…


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Love comes back, the Cavs will bring back the most powerful lineup?

Love is about to return to the stadium, but at the same time, he also worried that his comeback will affect the team's current pace Adam Larsson Orange Jersey of play until the return of music, and JR back to the starting lineup, the Cavaliers will be re-discharged last season to win the main lineup. In the playoffs a month left, the knight will welcome the most powerful lineup!

Love had previously…


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