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Back to Atlanta, Howard smiled from the heart again

This summer, Howard returned to his hometown of Atlanta, joining the eagle, this is his third team in five years. Once Paul Krause White Jersey the league's first center, after the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets grinding, magic no longer, "home" can let him retrieve the second spring?

Once again see Dwight Howard, his look and a year ago, Tencent NBA reporter saw him, has been different. Because…


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Amazing people and more let people look forward

According to statistics, Westbrook as long as today in the game against the Wizards grabbed four rebounds, we can continue to maintain the standard of three pairs of field. This is not difficult for Westbrook, because this season so far, he grabbed at least five rebounds per game. NBA history, only one player in the schedule to enter…


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Truely Scott Brooks' merits outweigh errors for Thunder

November 22, 2008, Thunder in a national live match was pelican humiliation, the team in the first 13 games of the season only won 1 field. Although Official Latavius Murray Kids Jersey this team is full of talent, but can not win. Thunder general manager Presti made the decision to dismiss coach Carlesimo, Brooks will help the coach position.

Brooks in charge of the pointer, the first thing is to…


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The team can see the future due to Embiid's presence

Because the cause of the injury, this is the Embiid first season of his career, but after the start of the new season, grace Darius Slay Elite Jersey than Embiid with fantasy, accurate three-point conquered the Philadelphia fans. In order to protect the well than Germany, don't let him hurt again, after the start of new season, 76ers give him set up a 24 minutes of time, that is, the game no matter how…


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In Glasses,it offers a large number of glasses or sunglasses.You can try to five favorite frames,system that can be purchased only your

Such Usher (Usher) Let's take a look at the glasses / sunglasses of dress Alfred Dunhill (Dunhill)! Gold button classic jacket in black,is the sunglasses of Alfred Dunhill (Dunhill) that necklace chain in simple black shirt is tailored to this coordination of cool Usher (Usher).Neat and the thinness of the temple,it is a design exquisite balance of firm front part! Famous eyewear brand in the glasses for PC such as JINS PC "JINS (Gin)." JINS there is a "JINS CLASSIC (Gin's classic)" to eyewear… Continue

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How this all-around warrior will become a terrible star?

The Bucks beaten the Cavs at home today, made 2 game winning streak. As we all know, Antetokounmpo has excellent physical fitness, coupled with Kidd's transformation so that he played more point guard, his defensive Andre Roberts Lions Jersey data, assists eye-catching data is not surprising. However, there is no long-range projection ability of the Antetokounmpo is how to do field H-22 points, and…


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Cavs must correctly open the mode of win

Cavs 4 consecutive victories, the Cavss in good condition in Milwaukee suffered the worst this season, once again, the Cavaliers exposed Womens Amari Cooper White Jersey their biggest flaw, that is, when James truce or poor state, the team how to correctly open win mode. Season, has not yet played the top teams in the western knights, made 13 wins and 2 losses of the excellent record, no one thought of today…


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Twice efforts for the Clippers, but just futile

The Clippers were reversed swallowed three-game losing streak, since 2014 after the first play three pairs, the fourth quarter and overtime for a vote for the Clippers continued life, but ultimately failed to Savior!

1.8 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, the Clippers 3 points behind the Nets, the Clippers have an offensive opportunity…


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Enhanced version of Nash, the fate will have breakthrough?

Harden not only became a Nash, also becomes a more powerful version. After all the Harden in the top league assists with averaged 12.4 assists, averaged 28.3 points. Obviously, compared Purple Adam Thielen Jersey the Nash, Harden in scoring ability is stronger. Problems, however, Nash in this life, never entered the finals; But now turns into a more powerful version of the Harden, can lead the Rockets in…


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The current Irving is really due to the role of the father

LeBron James said that since he returned to Cleveland, Irving every day to become better, and Irving became a father after becoming Red Malcolm Butler Nike Jersey more mature, and mentality has changed. According to the US media "thescore" reported that this season, Kyrie Irving became Cavs' scoring!

This summer, Irving not only helped the Cavaliers win the championship, but also help the United States…


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He has a strong obsession to the data

He was 6 years old when he made the desire to play NBA, for which he had hard training, but unfortunately, although he grew to 1 meter 83, but not fast enough, jumping ability in general, which he had to give up Do NBA players dream. He failed Broncos Aqib Talib Jersey to become NBA star, NBA star has become one of the best partners. He is Justin Zormelo, NBA one of the most popular trainer. Durant for the…


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He is a special existence for the Cavs

Richard Jefferson is the spiritual leader of the Cavaliers, and this can be staged in the finals shaking reversal of the 1-3 team, naturally can not live without the court eucalyptus, this person is undoubtedly LeBron James.

"I have been in the NBA Finals for two consecutive years but lost all my career has been so close to the championship, but…


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Durant is still the most dazzling superstar

Warriors at home after a bitter struggle to 5-point victory over the Hawks, it is worth mentioning Womens Tyreek Hill NFL Jersey that Durant finished the dunk at the last minute of the game, the victory for the Warriors knocked the last nail.

Curry feel bad, the key moment of Biao shot Howard actually cast a non-stick, today's Warriors trump card, the performance is not how reliable. Rumors Curry on the…


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Westbrook, just finding the best way to win the game

When it comes to tonight's performance, Wei's face has become very serious face: "I think I can do better every night I will go back to analyze the game video, to find some energy After the field, Westbrook personal data this season has reached a field Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Navy Blue Jersey of three pairs.And when a reporter asked about the feelings of this time, Westbrook said: "I honestly say that I…


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We must continue to struggle despite everything that has happened

In the effectiveness of the pelican's fifth season, Davis's performance reached a new height, his scoring, playing time is a career-high Elite Vernon Davis NFL Jersey. Davis said his ability to mask out-of-the-way noise has grown a lot over the years. "Of course, in my rookie season, it was the first time people really talked about you," Davis said, "of course, at the University of Kentucky, in my high school also…


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Such a painful defeat! Clippers as sleepwalkers on the pitch

Clippers away to the Pacers, the Clippers suffered the most tragic loss of the season, a game to create eight shame record, the game was only 70 points is the lowest since 2003. For the Pacers, the worse White Cole Beasley Jersey is the team ace star Paul George for ankle and back injury truce, the Clippers' paper lineup is significantly higher than the Pacers a notch. However, the paper configuration does…


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Chevrolet explorers the latest family design

Appearance, the new explorer who used the latest Chevrolet family-style front face design, headlamps and grille integrated group, the light group to join the LED daytime running lights. The side of the new car with the previous generation models to maintain a similar design language, but the line changes to make it look more fashionable.

But very regrettable that, in the Guangzhou auto show is not officially open to the media, its interior styling fit…


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KIA KX7 to build seven medium SUV

In the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, the Dongfeng Yueda KIA new KX7 officially unveiled. Appearance, the new car with the Kia family's Tigers-style front face design, mesh grille size larger, the headlamps used far and near split design, the top with a white lamp eyebrow decoration, looks more fashionable. From the side, the new car body shape is stable, surrounded by a black body surrounded by surrounded to enhance the off-road temperament of this car.

It is understood that the new car will…


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This is actually a matter of choice for Irving

Cavs win at 76ers, the continuation of the strong. Irving had a season-high 39 points, which in the late 19 points, replace Womens Derek Carr Raiders Jersey James becomes the key to the Cavs. This is the fourth section season scored 10 points in details at least!

"As long as he wants to score, he can get 60 points", this is the cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue in the comment on Michael Irving's performance. In…


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Become a superstar, there is still a long way to go for McCollum

McCollum continued to make progress this season, with McCollum averaging 34.3 minutes per game in the last 18 games and a slight drop NFL Golden Tate III Jersey from last season, but he averaged more points per game 22 points, 3.8 rebounds and 3.4 assists, scoring, rebounding and other data than last season has improved. And this season, McCollum attack control better, his shooting hit a career high…


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