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The best choice of Anthony is in the Clippers?

Remember how long, did not see the Carmelo Anthony in the stadium there are people stunning performances? Not just on the court's performance, and even exposure, it seems that with their own data on the decline and the team's record has become increasingly uncertain and dim, the original James was considered the enemy of life on the court of men, Now only a depressed share, James is also far ahead of all the opponents in the east, and the West of the Warriors meet the finals, Anthony it?

Originally this summer, the free market, the Knicks after a series of operations, first from the Bulls to Ross, then signed their center Noah, followed by signing Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings this Two in any team with the starting strength of the players, with the team leader Anthony and the potential rookie Boer Ziggins, once the Knicks much to be expected!

However, the Knicks this season, at least so far, no one imagined NFL Phillip Gaines Red Jersey so many things, all the way downwind, at the beginning when they are unsatisfactory, although in early December and mid-high light had a short time, Breath to the eastern fourth position up, but then entered a wave of losing streak, but also encountered such as Rose inexplicable without prior notice to the team to leave the team of strange things, anyway, now the Knicks, and once back to the liberation

Polk Ziggins as a year as long as 21-year-old sophomore, the future is his, the Knicks to become his core team, it seems only a matter of time. The Knicks other players in the array, it seems that people still do not seem to how the pursuit of the stubborn pursuit, but for Anthony, he has to wait.

If the melon really to the Clippers, he should have been a little…


Posted by fly on January 20, 2017 at 3:27am

This time is when the Wizards back on track

Now the NBA blossom, every day there are too many stories, too much focus on the report, every day there are too many stars bursting Black Louis Williams Adidas Jersey amazing data so that people themselves. The team, the fans most of the concerns on the giants grievances and focus on the war. Perhaps many fans are not concerned about the eastern part of the team has a counterattack, they from the beginning of the eastern bottom of the season has now quietly into the eastern part of the top eight and almost equal to the top four. This team is the Washington Wizards. Wizards' performance as Wall's unsuccessful, and did not get the attention.

Wizards morale is strong, the last 10 games 7 wins and 3 losses, and made 13 straight home record. Yesterday they just at home to win the Western Conference Grizzlies, today in the away victory over the Knicks.

This season the Wizards to 3 wins 7 losses results start dismal, ten games after the stability of the eastern part of the last three. "The team has a lot of young faces and everyone needs to know and play with each other, and I know it will take a long time," said Thornton, who is so slow to read the starting lineup. Summer team starting five tigers intact, but the bench can be described as a big shake-up. The team in the summer to let go of three-point shooter Dudley and substitute striker Sikesen, some people have come, last summer Wizards light free agent signed a full eight.

"But once this team is running, the team will be back on track, and now is the point in time," said Thornton's tone. The campaign in the NBA for eight seasons, the seven detachment of five veteran insight into the state of a team must have a say.

From the start of the season to the…


Posted by fly on January 20, 2017 at 2:41am


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