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Feel uneasy! how Yi Jianlian's fate will be

Men's Nike Minnesota Vikings #98 Linval Joseph Elite Purple Team Color NFL Jersey The Lakers will end the preseason, the Lakers will make the final choice, Yi Jianlian's fate has entered the final countdown, but against the details of a war the sun had to mention, Walton has personally Yi Jianlian called To the side, the two have some exchanges, and the United Arab today is playing two periods, he also has a great chance to stay team.

But if the eventual layoffs of the United Arab, which is not the end of the world, Yi Jianlian this time to re-open the NBA's door is already progress, Moreover, through the preseason, he also proved its technical characteristics in today's NBA ball popular trend , The space-type inside is also very popular for the Lakers this kind of reconstruction of the team, the young players lack experience, share the ball, defense and so on the lack of unity, if the play a more mature team, Is expected to be more room for development.

Moreover, the United Arab preseason shot opportunity is very limited, the study of the sample too little, and he pulled the outside shot also reflects the value of the space inside, but the United Arab confrontation, defense and the feeling of the game to be improved against Trail Blazers, Yi Jianlian twice in the basket when the card was opponents pull to the ground, while in the ball attack, the United Arab frequently without success, the basket end force.

But the United Arab confrontation is not enough, which is also related to his psychology, the United Arab accustomed to the role of attacking the ball, holding the ball emboldened enough, and the technical action can not be implemented in place, such as in the game against the sun, the United Arab wanted The…


Posted by fly on October 22, 2016 at 1:57am

The Rockets can return to the peak at new season?

If simply according to the intimacy of words, perhaps for the Chinese people, no team can be more than the Rockets let them have a sense of intimacy. But after Yao Ming, Yao said, or after the Rockets, compared to what we have seen before the blood and stability, and now more ups and downs, of course, this is not really love the team who want to see To the.

When the team from the Thunder Department and the use of its cheap price from the Thunder Department in exchange for James Harden after the Thunder had done the best sixth man beard has become the core of this team, But then got the glory is no longer but still the sword of the first center Howard, the two of them composed of magic combination, it is difficult not to recall the old Yao McGrady.

The combination of the two teams, but also really let the rocket in the western influential for several seasons, especially in the 2014-2015 season, when the rocket led by two people in one fell swoop through the final blow to the West, and then Has almost no solution of the Warriors head-on, although the final or lost, but such a tenacious blood of the rocket, enough for us to look forward to. But the good times did not last long, in the 2015-2016 season, the team has been a variety of problems, such as the Harden state of the doldrums, such as Howard and the contradiction between management and coaches change and tactical bad, The Rockets from a qualified and warriors had a showdown in the playoffs became the first round of the team was easily out of the Warriors team. Moreover, the core library or in the other side of the premise of suits and ties outside the match, which for the rocket, it is more than a failure, as it is ridiculed.

Although this year the Rockets did in July this year, after the formal opening…


Posted by fly on October 22, 2016 at 1:15am


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