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The Clippers may still can't go further due to Rivers

This year's Clippers, menacing, shortly after the start, they accounted for the initiative, 13 wins and 2 losses, breaking the team history of the best start record at the same time, let their ranking Raptors Tracy Mcgrady Jersey behind the first in the West. In other words, as strong as the Spurs, Warriors, these teams are he left behind. But just after breaking the best record in the history of team history soon after, the team has suffered a three-game losing streak, and the first row as the western first, people staggering.

The Clippers to start at the outset to take the lead, a large part of the reason is "thanks to the peer set off" Although the Warriors recruited to Durant, but lost Barnes, Bogut As well as a competent substitute. But the Spurs because of Duncan's retirement and defensive end lost a can rely on patrons.But when these teams run well, find their own position, the Clippers also to the head of the good old days, and now he ranked West Third, the Warriors and the Spurs to catch up, and the gap is also a little bit narrow. In addition to external factors, leading to the end of the Clippers a good time to end the internal cause is also very obvious, because a person.

This man is the Clippers coach Rivers. Speaking of Rivers, presumably not just the Clippers fans, as long as the NBA is concerned about a certain length Tracy Mcgrady Authentic Jerseys of time the fans will be familiar to him, however. After all, he had led the Celtics in 2008 to win the Big Three in the history of the team won the seventeenth championship, but at the same time he is also one of the few players in the league will deal with the signing of the right and tactical arrangements, Grasping the coach, but also means that there will be other people can not change the drawbacks of his decision.

Speaking of Rivers coaching…


Posted by fly on December 2, 2016 at 3:07am

No exaggeration, he saved Harden

Rockets on the road today and the Warriors after two overtime scramble to defeat the Warriors, to obtain Lions Ameer Abdullah Nike Jersey a hard-won victory. As the rockets this season's new signings, Ryan Anderson's performance is not less than Harden. More precisely in the last minute of the fourth quarter, he saved the Rockets and saved Harden! This is Harden's fourth triple-double this season. However, as the US media commented that, do not be Harden's data to the confusion, Harden's performance today is quite sluggish.

Harden in the fourth quarter of the state is quite bad, did not hit several consecutive shots, the fourth quarter, Harden did not have a mobile warfare. In the last two minutes of the game, the Warriors have clearly found the state. In the fourth quarter with 2 minutes and 21 seconds left, Durant layup Harden foul, the rocket into a critical situation. Turn Rockets attack time, seeing 24 seconds attack time will run out. Harden pass the ball to Anderson, Anderson used his height to force shot, the ball buzzer hit. But after the library with a cast also to color, in the next rocket attack, attack time and finish. This is Harden pretending to break the ball to the arc beyond the Anderson, Anderson shot beyond the arc. Is a buzzer hit.

Anderson in two minutes, two buzzer, two free throws, so that the Rockets eventually have the qualifications to defeat the Warriors in overtime. In the entire critical fourth quarter and the first overtime, Harden shot a total of 4 times, a ball did not enter. In the long 17 minutes of game time, Harden actually did not even have a mobile warfare score. This downturn may be no problem on someone else, but as the Rockets number one star, field core,…


Posted by fly on December 2, 2016 at 2:14am


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