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The Rockets have built the league's most "terrible" bench combination?

Substitute mad scored 79 points, a moment, the Rockets will use this way will Pelicans off the hook. It is worth mentioning Rick Mahorn Blue Jersey that the score of 79 points, creating a Rockets team history record. Which new aid Williams, the first show will vote in the seven-thirds, the audience hurricane 27 points!

Can not say that the Rockets has been equipped with the power to overthrow the Warriors, but in the Williams, and through the practice of playing the full color of the first show, everyone for the Rockets expectations can continue to increase. At the same time the game a group of incredible data is that the Rockets team only shot in the distance 3 times, respectively, within the next section with Williams, the third quarter of Anderson. Yes, the team a total of 91 shots, only 3 times in the distance shot, the remaining 88 shots, 51 times focused on the outside, there are 37 times focused on the inside.

D'Antoni has made a statement before the game, "Williams will debut today, but will not play too much time." The fact is the case, count the whole play full of garbage NBA Mason Plumlee Jersey time, Williams also played a total of only 25 minutes 08 seconds. But in these times, he mad brush 27 points, hit 7 in mind three points, high efficiency amazing. Converted into unit time, less than 1 minute will be able to get 1 point.

From the shooting area, Williams is simply docking with the Rockets. The first section of the game, he was in the right corner of the corner to pick up Harden assists, one-third of the vote; to the third quarter, he was in the right corner of the third corner of the vote; and to the distal, Williams in the left side of the bottom Corner of the third vote. The whole game 7 mind three points, there are four notes are three points in the…


Posted by fly on February 24, 2017 at 2:17am

The current James is now playing so easy

Once again beat the Knicks, two consecutive seasons to complete the sweep Authentic Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey of the Knicks, and made 10 consecutive victories against the Knicks. The game is LeBron James career 1040 games, he tied Oscar Robertson, tied for history 99th. Although Kevin Love and JR Smith is still in a state of rest, can not play. But now this Cavs, has returned to normal state. Irving, James, led the team, the role of the players perform their duties, and Derek Williams, Korver, who is also very well integrated, and now James, playing on the field as the beginning of the season as easy!

James's personal offensive ability unstoppable, he led the ability and no one can, in the second quarter of the game and the first quarter of the fourth quarter, James led the lineup play, more accurately, the Cavaliers sent to James for The core of the five lineup. When the Cavs sent the lineup, if the Knicks double-teamed James, then the Cavaliers four other striker on the mad one-third; and when the Knicks mark the other four shooters, James will get a relaxed layup or dunk opportunity. This set of five lineup is the key to the Cavs to win today.

This season at the beginning of the time, the Cavaliers full status, James is also playing a play with a healthy play, a lot of games, James has not how force, Cavs has won, last year in October, November, James averaged only 36 minutes to play, and in January, James averaged 38.4 minutes per game.

Over the past five games, James played time and fell to 36.9 minutes, you know, the current Cavs is still in a shortage of personnel. After the end of the All-Star, the team will enter the regular season sprint stage, the team in the playoffs in a what kind of ranking, to…


Posted by fly on February 24, 2017 at 12:38am


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