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The suspense of the MVP is far from over

Thunder away to challenge the Mavericks, and ultimately by virtue of Wei's quasi-lore, they reversed Kids Paul Kariya Blue Jersey 92-91 opponents, this is his 37 times this season to get three pairs, from the "big O" Oscar Robertson's single season 41 times Three pairs of records have been getting closer. In a game against the rocket, although Westbrook get three pairs, but the team has lost the ball, which also let him get three pairs on the basis of the 11-game winning streak led the end, taking into account the season MVP competition Basic in Westbrook and Harden between the start, the media also said after the game, more optimistic about Harden won the season's most valuable player. Personal heroism is never out of date, especially in the context of today's Baotuan trend, a person's adherence is more difficult, whether it is Harden or Westbrook get MVP, which is the greatest return on the single-core efforts.

Three pairs of data will undoubtedly become the biggest capital of the competition for MVP, he is still holding the average three pairs, and from the Oscar Robertson in the 1961-62 season to create 41 times the three double record is getting closer, if the Westbrook able to go beyond the "big O" to become the history of the new three pairs of king, then he is still competing for MVP awards have the greatest weight.

So, we say that we do not care about the data is false, after all, in this game, Westbrook to brush assists, with a variety of fancy pass, for example, the first section of an attack, he was a European step off the defender, You can directly select the layup, but the ball was cut into the Gibson, sent an assists.

For example, in the middle of the second section, he turned his opponent into the…


Posted by fly on March 28, 2017 at 1:53am

Cavs does not have no such capital in the playoffs

Cavs suffered a two-game losing streak while losing the top position of the East. Throughout March, the Cavs were dismal and there was no defending champion. Cavs coach Tyronn Lue brave words, the team has reservations, suggesting that the team will face in the playoffs. However, want to learn the Lakers in 2001 as the playoffs how to win it so easy to win it?

The last time the team regular season defense so bad but won when is it? The answer is 2000-01 season, when the Lakers hundred rounds lost 101.7 points League No.19, they won 56 wins into the playoffs. The Lakers in the playoffs in 16 games in the 100 rounds only lost 95.3 points to 15 wins and 1 losses record won the championship, the Lakers played the playoffs big face is amazing.

But can the Cavs compare Official Giants Authentic Jersey with the Lakers? Can not. First of all, the Cavs of the season's core line of health, the Big Three rarely hurt. And then the Lakers is OK combination as the core, Kobe Bryant missed 14 games, O'Neill also missed eight games, Derek Fisher is only played 20 games, several main injuries were troubled, O'Neill in the conventional The game played basketball, which affected their regular season defense. Second, the Cavs of this lineup itself has a birth defects, one bit (Irving), four (Love) are defensive colander. And that the Lakers, Bryant is the best defensive lineup of the year, O'Neill at that time that era is the existence of a defensive gate, the Lakers have "mad dog" Madsen, Rick Fox and other defensive players, they themselves Playing excellent defense of the capital, the playoffs face will not make people too surprised, but the Cavs do not have such capital.

Relatively speaking, the Lakers had the original lineup is not a luxury, after all, that…


Posted by fly on March 28, 2017 at 12:30am


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